About Us

The Noble Tree Foundation is a 501c3 organzation formed in 1999 by Roger Milliken with the mission to promote the education and activities of the people of Spartanburg County relating to the knowledge and planting of Noble Trees, landscaping, and alignment of projects that help beautify the broader community.

The organization's primary focus is to provide funds in the form of grants that enhance the wellbeing of the people of Spartanburg County through the promotion of the ecological value of trees, the planting of trees in landscaping, and excellence in horticulture throughout Spartanburg County.

The Noble Tree Foundation encourages organizations with a public purpose to make proposals around educating the Spartanburg public in the value of trees in our ecological system and on the planting and care of trees in Spartanburg County.

Past and Present Trustees and Advisers

Current Trustees:

Ashley Allen - Treasurer
Anne P. Flynn - Chair
Bruce Fraedrich
Betty Montgomery - Secretary
Kevin Parris
Thomas White
Stewart Winslow

Past Trustees:

Hans Balmer
Bill Barnet
Richard Dillard
Jennifer Evins
Tracy Hannah
Buddy Harmon
Roger Milliken (Founder)
Jeanie O'Shaughnessy
Kurt Zimmerli

Past Advisors:

Marcia Bansley
Jennifer Calabria
Dr. Michael Dirr
Rick Webel

Current Advisors:

Jennifer Evins


What We Do

We work to promote the presence of Noble Trees in Spartanburg County and beyond by 

  • Generating enthusiasm for the value of Noble Trees in our ecological system
  • Promoting educational opportunities wherein knowledge of, and appreciation for, Noble Trees are featured
  • Encouraging continual tree planting and maintenance programs distinguished by the use of appropriate trees, planting practices, and maintenance techniques, to include specific project support
  • Serving as a catalyst and guide for funding and encouragement of the aforementioned objectives

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