About Noble Tree Foundation

Mission (per bylaws):

"To enhance the well-being of the citizens of Spartanburg County through the promotion of landscaping and excellence in horticulture".

Roger Milliken loved trees. He understood their value to a healthy environment and sought to educate his community to the critical importance of Noble Trees. His passion was knowledge about trees, education about them and proper selection, planting and maintenance of them.

ln 1999, Mr. Milliken formed the Noble Tree Foundation and initiated annual gatherings of a cross-section of leading citizens to explore knowledge and hear experts on technical issues and experiences from Singapore to England.

Mr. Milliken died in 2010 - but the mission he envisioned has remained in place. Maintaining projects he supported (the re-treeing of Converse Heights, Hearon Circle, and other various gateways) remains a priority - and encouraging others to embrace his love of trees, continues to this day (from the Charles Lea Center to the Spartanburg Airport).

This web site is meant to allow interested parties to know more about the Foundation and communicate with its trustees. If you have questions or ideas relating to our mission, feel free to contact us.

Past and Present Trustees and Advisors

Current Trustees:

Ashley Allen* - Chair
Bill Barnet
Richard Dillard
Jennifer Evins
Anne P Flynn - Secretary
Betty Montgomery
Jeanie O' Shaughnessy - Treasurer

Current Advisors:

Stewart Winslow

Past Trustees:

Hans Balmer
Tracy Hannah
Buddy Harmon
Roger Milliken (Founder)
Kurt Zimmerli

Past Advisors:

Marcia Bansley
Jennifer Calabria
Dr. Mike Dirr
Rick Webel


Questions may be directed:

Ashley Allen: 864.593.4601
Or Stewart Winslow: 864.680.5016

Email: admin@nobletreefoundation.org

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